The Imperial City of Haidenheim

Welcome to the Imperial City of Haidenheim!

Here you can find information about the City of Haidenheim. This city is located between the great cities of Talabheim and Marlenburg, and is an important feature on the trade route between the two cities. Troops from Talabheim are stationed there to guard the city and it's people. The city is governed by the mayor and the city council, but the Elector Count of Talabheim thinks so highly of the city that he feels that it should be protected by his army, and in return, he receives great thanks from the people of Haidenheim.

Statue of Hans Haiden
Statue of Hans Haiden, founder of the city.

The Storm of Chaos: Aftermath project has been formed with the aim of taking forward the Mordheim game by Games Workshop. The project's aims are to bring the game up to date and to make it available to a larger number of players. Their main approach to this is to bring the game into the present day of the Warhammer World by creating an alternate setting based in the aftermath of the Storm of Chaos campaign. It is also hoped to provide an easy transition between the Warhammer Fantasy Battle and the Mordheim games. This results of this project are ideal for playing games in locations such as Haidenheim. The project can be found at

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