The Imperial City of Haidenheim


The city is named after Hans Haiden, captain of the Garrison of the Watchtower between Talabheim and Marlenburg. In 2400 Hans Haiden was stationed at the Watchtower by the Elector Count of Talabheim, after leading a force that massacred a massive Orc warband after it emerged from the Drakwald Forest, and he and his force were given the Imperial Medal for Bravery, because if they had not held off the attack, a nearby village would have been destroyed.

The city started when Hans Haiden ordered a small village to be built for the troops stationed at the watchtower and their families to live in. The village soon grew when an inn was built and more people stopped there. More houses were built, and the village got larger and larger. The village soon became a town, and a mayor was elected to be in charge of the civilian side of the town, and The Town Watch was founded.

In the Imperial Year 2510, the Emperor Karl Franz I passed a request for city status. A city wall was built, and a set of Sigmarite Monks founded an abbey outside of the city. The City Hall was also built, and the Mayor was joined by a Council to help him to govern the City.

The Elector Count of Talabheim is still the ruler of the city, and the City is guarded by a large detatchment of State soldiers from Talabheim, and is home to a small detatchment of Knights of the Blazing Sun. The Commander of the City is Baron Ludwig von Stroheim, son of the Elector Count of Talabheim, who has a personal unit of knights (The Barons Guard) to protect him, and serve his household.

The City is along the main trade route between Talabheim and Marlenburg, and has a very good economy. Outside of the city, there are many small farms, which all trade at the markets held on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Market Square.

The city has a small prison, and has a set of gallows on Prison Lane.

The Watchtower has recently been demolished, and has been replaced by another watchtower, 20 miles outside of the city.

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