The Imperial City of Haidenheim

Guilds and Institutions

The Baron's Keep
The Baron's Keep Baron von Stroheim lives in the Baron's Keep. The Baron's Guard are also based at the Keep, and it is the strongest fortification in the city. If the City Walls are breached, the citizens of Haidenheim can retreat to the Keep for safety.
Commander-in-Chief: Baron Ludwig von Stroheim
The Haidenheim School of Cavalry
The Haidenheim School of Cavalry The Haidenheim School of Cavalry is home to the Haidenheim Cavalry units and the 1st Haidenheim Foot Regiment. The school trains soldiers to become Knights, and the best soldiers join the Baron's Guard.
Commander-in-Chief: Commander Sir Hans Ludenborg

Baron Ludwig von Stroheim
Baron von Stroheim is the son of the Elector Count of Talabheim and Commander of City of Haidenheim. He has a personal unit of knights (The Baron's Guard) to protect him and serve his household. He lives in the Baron's Keep in the centre of the city.

Commander Sir Hans Ludenborg
Cmdr Ludenborg is Baron von Stroheim's First Officer. He graduated from the Haidenheim School of Cavalry and quickly rose through the ranks. He is Commander-in-Chief of the 1st Haidenheim Foot Regiment and many of the city's Cavalry units. He acts as the General of Haidenheim's Army when Baron von Stroheim is not, and the citizens of Haidenheim have great respect for him.

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